WWE Payback Event Comes To A Sudden Halt

Those who log onto WWE usually expect action of a predictive kind as well as unpredicted turn of events as well.

And that is what happened in the WWE Payback match. As Enzo Amore suffered a concussion the match was put to a halt.

For those who had been watching the latest episode of WWE Payback, they were in for a shock. As soon as the match started and was in the initial round, Enzo suffered a concussion. It was the opening match of May’s pay per view event. Hence, there was much expectation of the event, but it came to a halt too soon. Enzo might be one of the newcomers on WWE but he has gained much popularity within a short period of time. The match was a contender’s match for the tag team championship. Enzo was thrown into the outer part of the ring and his head struck the middle rope. His neck snapped backwards. He was down on the ground and stayed in that manner below the ring apron. As the performer lay injured, announcers showed replays of the move that caused the injury.

The match was stopped shortly after that. Michael Cole was the play by play lead man of the WWE who informed the viewing audience that Amore was being taken to the hospital. The nature of the injury was unknown at that time. However, the audience was told that the wrestler was able to move his hands and legs and was able to reply to the medical personnel. That was a good sign for all. He was then diagnosed to have suffered a concussion. Before one at night he was released from the hospital and fans were shown his pics through social media. He was found to be in good spirits. However the team game came to an end without a result.

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