A former creative writer for the WWE JJ Dillion has revealed that the character that played at the company Undertaker could have been changed.

Dillion was with Vince McMahon’s firm from 1989 until 1997, helping them develop several characters.

“Vince’s first reaction was ‘maybe he could be a Viking with the helmet and the horns’. [Undertaker] is an impressive guy, he had the size. In the business, they call it the ‘it factor’ ….”

Dillion said the natural charisma that the character had was very good for business. The horror-theme and supernatural gimmicks aided its popularity among fans.

McMahon could have gone with another character instead of Mark Calaway’s as his first instincts didn’t totally agree with it. He preferred a Viking with helmet and horns which he later got in 1991.

It was managed by Mr Fuji before he moved to become The Berzerker. He had a sword which he used to try to kill Undertaker. John Nord was the person behind it. He left McMahon’s firm for Japan after only a year. He challenged Bret Hart for the WWE Championship in 1992 and had a short spell with WCW after his Japanese stint.

Calaway sure played the Undertake role very well. We would never know if he could have been as brilliant as a Viking. He retired recently after losing WrestleMania 22 to Roman Reigns.

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