India has always been the homeland for many of the underdeveloped or undeveloped sports in the world. Sports like Kabaddi, wrestling and some others that are not recognized by many countries of the world get a free run in the country where there are national competitions for these sports as well.

But wrestling, being an Olympic sport is more developed than some of the others in India and the question that arises here is why, then, does the country that has so many wrestlers and that is considered the birth place for the modern version of the sport not been able to secure an Olympic medal in the sport?

There can be a lot of answers to these questions but when asked to the officials of the sport in India, almost all of them decided to avoid the topic and move on. But some of the others, on the condition on not being named, did mention some important issues that have been plaguing the sport in the country.

Among one of the raging issues is the fact that most of the wrestlers in India come from very poor families and the situation is such that they have to help out with the bread earning in the family as well apart from practicing and not many of the wrestlers manage to do both at the same time and ultimately quit the sport. The government of the country pays very little attention to these sports and there are no corporate sponsors to aid the sport as well and even the prize money in the national events hardly amount to a few hundred dollars at most.

So what is the future of wrestling in India? With the likes of Sushil Kumar, the sport could have a bright future in the country if not for the lack of funds and attention from the government and the corporate. He might not quite be Carlos Condit but he is India's biggest hope.

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