Winner Ready for More

UFC lightweight Andre Winner is ready for more action as soon as possible after the reported "dud" fight with Nik Lentz at UFC 118's Spike-TV televised preliminaries. It was heavily criticized on the internet because Lentz opted for a wrestling based attack that may have caused viewers to turn away from the broadcast.

Winner thinks he could have done more to make it a fight. He had some comments about that, a possible rematch, and more. Winner is schedule to face Dennis Siver tonight at UFC 122.

On Lentz wrestling-based attack: "I allowed myself to get tied up a bit too much. I didn't really use my head enough."

On whether or not his match with Siver guarantees fireworks: "Probably not. He'll probably give me the fight I don't want. We'll see when we get in there," Winner said. "I try not to guess it too hard because then when things don't go exactly the way you want, it might throw you off. I expect it's going to be a war. I've prepared myself for that."

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