The Undertaker Absent from Wrestle Mania?

As far as professional wrestling fans are concerned, the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE superstar The Undertaker is almost a certainty to be a part of Wrestle Mania, the grandest stage of professional wrestling.

However, if the reports in are to be believed, his participation in the flagship event of the WWE is not as guaranteed as fans of the industry tend to believe. The 47 year old legendary wrestler made an appearance at Florida Championship Wrestling or the FCW, the talent development program of the WWE recently and journalist Tim Howe was also present at the event.

When Howe told him how the fans look forward to his participation at Wrestle Mania each year and postpones every plan that they might have for April, The Undertake was casual when he stated that they shouldn’t be making plans to buy tickets to the event if they want to see him this time around. When asked for further details regarding the matter, The Phenom jestingly added that the fans will get to know as and when things are in place.

Howe himself believes that The Undertaker is just trying to mess with the minds of his fans because as long as he is fit and raring to go, the WWE will pull all strings to make sure that he participates in their flagship event. Moreover, if he indeed is intending to retire, it would be a grand farewell if he could take his unbeaten streak at Wrestle Mania to 21 and then call time.
Howe added that as far as the contracts with the WWE is concerned, The Dead Man will fight till 2016 but aged 47 years, there is doubt regarding that kind of longevity. But in the world of professional wrestling, nothing can be taken for granted.

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