Sting’s TNA Hall of Fame

The announcement of Sting to be recognized for his notable career at the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame was made on Sunday i.e. the on the day the company completed 10 years and were on a celebration. Audience and the fellow wrestlers witnessed the statement, live.

Sting had started to wrestle in TNA since 2003. But fans are in a doubt regarding the opportunity of him being given the WWE Hall of Fame in the near future to be thrown into the dustbin.

Since sting’s participation during every season of Wrestlemania there is a specific rumor comes up which says that Sting is going to have the match of his life after which he will walk into the WWE Hall of Fame. But the problem is, Sting had almost gone into signing with the WWE and Vince McMahon but pulled himself out at the eleventh hour and Vince is known to be money-minded and have an evil lurking inside him always that wants to put those wrestling men, who put their feet on his tail, into trouble.

For example, the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage had taken the Slim Jim sponsorship with him when he moved to WCW which unfortunately closed down within seven-year period. The name was then erased from the WWE forever by Vince. Fans fear something like this can also happen to Sting. McMahon would try to go to any length to prove that he is the Supremo in WWE.

Whatever may be the case, Sting doesn’t seem to look very excited regarding the announcement. Perhaps he had a hunch that this may close his gates to the WWE but the nonetheless he is a bit surprised being the first member to enter the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame. Millions of fingers are crossed so that McMahon would spring back to his instincts this time and just let things through.

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