Rey Mysterio Opens up about leaving WWE

Rey Mysterio, who recently left the World wrestling Entertainment or the WWE, gave a candid interview recently where he talks about everything, starting from his decision to leave the company to his plans for the future.

Mysterio was asked about his health and why he took the decision to leave the WWE and according to the former World Heavyweight champion, the recent years were not as gruelling work wise as they were in the beginning, adding that during that time, they had two brands going at each others' throats in RAW and Smack Down and they had to work almost five days a week.

He said that being partnered with Sin Cara was the final straw and forced his hand and he made the decision to leave the promotion. He said that after he had his last surgery in 2011, he returned in end 2012 but still felt that he had rushed his return. He went back to the shelf, came back and all of a sudden, found himself paired with Sin Cara and he felt that he was going nowhere.

Rey Mysterio added that it felt that the Rey Mysterio gimmick had lost its direction and it was not going anywhere and he thought it better to quit. He mentioned that his contract was running down and the best move for him was to decide that he didn't need to renew it.

Mysterio also talked about Kevin Nash, someone who has had multiple surgeries on his knee and still fought till a much later age and although he doesn't expect to go into a full schedule, he feels that he can do it all the same if need be.

He could go to Lucha Underground but wants to take it global as well if he does take that step eventually.

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