Why Can’T I Make This My Main Display?

How do I enable make this my main display?

Set the Primary and Secondary MonitorRight-click on your desktop and select “Display”.

From the display, select the monitor you wish to be your main display.Check the box that says “Make this my main display.” The other monitor will automatically become the secondary display.When finished, click [Apply]..

How do I get rid of make this my main display?

Step 1: Uninstall display driver.Right-click on the Start Button and click on. Device manager.Double-click on Display Adapters to expand.Right-click on the display adapter driver that is listed and select properties.In the window opened, click on drivers tab.In the drivers tab, Click on Uninstall option.

How do I use 2 screens on my PC?

How to set up dual monitorsStep 1: This part is easy. Simply connect your second monitor to a power outlet and an available port on your PC.Step 2: Next you have to tell Windows how to manage the two monitors. … Step 3: Choose monitor order. … Step 4: Choose primary display.

How do I move my screen position?

3 Answersright click mouse button.double click Graphics properties.Select Advance mode.select monitor/tV setting.and find position setting.then custom your monitor display position. (some time it is under pop up menu).

Why are my display settings greyed out?

However, many users reported that the screen resolution option is grayed out after they installed or upgraded to Windows 10. The most probable cause of this issue is a problem with your graphics card. You can go to your computer manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for your graphics card.

How do you change which screen is 1 and 2?

Switch the monitors labeled “1” and “2” by clicking the “1” where the “2” is selected or vice versa. Press “Apply” to apply your change….Switching Primary and Secondary MonitorsRight click an empty area on the Desktop, then click Screen Resolution.You can also find Screen Resolution from Windows Control Panel.More items…

How do I make my display 2 Screen 1?

At the top of the display settings menu, there is a visual display of your dual-monitor setup, with one display designated “1” and the other labeled “2.” Click and drag the monitor on the right to the left of the second monitor (or vice versa) to switch the order. for “Make this my main display”.

How do I fix my monitor screen problems?

Follow these Easy checks to diagnose and fix your PC Monitor Display problemsCheck for loose electrical and VGA cables. … Plug the monitor’s electric cord into a different outlet. … Attach the monitor to a different computer. … Unplug your computer from the monitor and power outlet.

How do I change my main display on Windows?

How do I change my primary monitor Windows 10Right-click on an empty space on the Desktop and choose the Display Settings from the menu.Choose which you want to be your primary monitor, scroll down and choose to Make this my main display.After doing that, the selected monitor will become the primary monitor.

How do you change which display is 1 and 2 Windows 10?

Windows 10 Display SettingsAccess the display settings window by right-clicking an empty space on the desktop background. … Click on the drop down window under Multiple displays and choose between Duplicate these displays, Extend these displays, Show only on 1, and Show only on 2. (

Why can’t I change my main display?

If Make this my main display is grayed out, then it means that the currently selected display is already set as the main display. 5 When finished, you can close Settings if you like.