What Killed Masoja Msiza?

Who is leaving Uzalo in 2020?

Actress Baby Cele is leaving ‘Uzalo’.

Uzalo has confirmed speculation that two of its leading actors, Baby Cele and Siyabonga Shibe, are leaving the show.

Baby and Siyabonga, who play Gabisile and Qhabanga respectively, are set to leave the show at the end of its sixth season..

How old is Nonka from Uzalo?

22One character who has managed to stay relevant and have both young and old captivated is Nonka (real name Thuthuka Mthembu). The 22-year-old joined Uzalo in 2016 and has since been a fan favorite through her acting skills.

Is Thulani coming back to Uzalo?

Uzalo has teased the return of Thulani These characters were played by Thulane Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza who were alleged to have been fired. … Fans of the very talented actor Thulane Shange will be releasing a huge sigh of relief now that the actor is confirmed to return to the telenovela to shake things up even more.

Who is Nkunzi wife?

Mangcobo UzaloNkunzi can be described as a man who behaves in a crazy manner. All in all, he has an undying love for his family beside him being staged as a criminal. He does everything out of love for both his wife, Mangcobo Uzalo and daughter regardless of the consequences.

Is mastermind coming back to Uzalo?

Mastermind And Thulani Returns On Uzalo. The two will be returning to Uzalo to save MaNgcobo from her current slump. According to reports, Mastermind and Thulani will arrive to bring Nkunzi down and save MaNgcobo.

Is nkuzi dead?

Apparently it has been trending on social media that Masoja Masiza who is professionally known as Nkuzi on our favorite soapie Uzalo is dead. It is said that he was involved in a car accident that took his life. … Nkunzi is a very talented man as we can see on Uzalo, he is also a poet.

Is Nkunzi of Uzalo dead?

Uzalo actor Masoja Msiza who is popularly known as Nkunzi on the SABC1 soapie was presumed dead on 3 September 2020. … In a video, Masoja Msiza said he was alive, well and kicking. He said he was alive through the mercy of God.

Where did masoja msiza born?

Kwa-Thema, Springs, South AfricaMasoja Msiza/Place of birth

Is MaNgcobo leaving Uzalo?

Uzalo star Dawn Thandeka King (MaNgcobo) speaks on leaving Uzalo. Uzalo star Dawn Thandeka King has moved to crush asserts that she is leaving the soapie, after ongoing reports guaranteed she was the most recent large name to withdraw the show. … When asked by a fan on Sunday if Dawn was leaving, the show denied her exit …

How old is Fikile from Uzalo?

She is currently 27 years old.

Did masoja msiza pass away?

Share this: The popular ‘Uzalo’ star has confirmed that he is very much alive by posting a video on social media. The actor is best known for his role in ‘Uzalo’, portraying the role Nkuzi Mhlongo, a character fans of the show love to hate.

How did Nkunzi die?

The actor who plays Nkunzi Mhlongo in ‘Uzalo’, a character many love to hate, was shocked when a social media report surfaced this week claiming he had died in a car accident. The star took to Twitter to reassure fans that he was still very much alive.