Quick Answer: What Is JNI Exception?

Is an exception method in JNI used to clear an exception?

Native methods can also throw, handle, and clear Java exceptions through a set of interface functions provided by the JNI.

Consequently, an exception may be pending when the control is in a native method..

What is JNI used for?

The JNI is a native programming interface. It allows Java code that runs inside a Java Virtual Machine (VM) to interoperate with applications and libraries written in other programming languages, such as C, C++, and assembly.

What does the exception in Java indicate?

Definition: An exception is an event, which occurs during the execution of a program, that disrupts the normal flow of the program’s instructions. When an error occurs within a method, the method creates an object and hands it off to the runtime system. … This block of code is called an exception handler.

Are JNI calls expensive?

Function calls to JNI methods are expensive, especially when calling a method repeatedly. Native methods are not inlined by the JVM, nor can the method be JIT compiled, as the method is already compiled. A Java array may be copied for access in native code, and later copied back.