How Do You Drag A Blue Line In Excel?

What is the thick blue line in Excel?

The blue line represents the end of the print area, any dotted lines inatween are other pages.

If you want the new info to be on one page then you’ll need to invoke some new formatting..

How do you autofill in Excel without dragging?

Fill formulas into adjacent cellsSelect the cell with the formula and the adjacent cells you want to fill.Click Home > Fill, and choose either Down, Right, Up, or Left. Keyboard shortcut: You can also press Ctrl+D to fill the formula down in a column, or Ctrl+R to fill the formula to the right in a row.

Why isn’t my Formula dragging down?

3 Answers. It seems your formulas are not automatically updating. Pressing F9 will force a manual recalculation and should recalculate. To fix it, click the big Ribbon Button, go in Excel Options.

How do I drag page breaks in Excel?

Move a page breakTo verify that drag-and-drop is enabled, do the following: Click the File tab > Options. … Click the worksheet that you want to modify.On the View tab, in the Workbook Views group, click Page Break Preview. … To move a page break, drag the page break to a new location.

What does Blue Line in Excel mean?

To view the dependent cells, go to the Formulas tab, Formulas Auditing section, then click the Trace Dependents button. Excel will display blue lines that link the cells that you are analyzing to the dependent cells. … Blue arrows show that cells have no errors, whereas red arrows show the cells that cause errors.

Why is there a line on my Excel spreadsheet?

Possible Reasons for Dotted Lines in Excel There can be various reasons for the dotted lines to appear in Excel: Due to Page breaks where Excel visually show page breaks as dotted lines. Borders that have been set to show as dotted lines. Gridlines that appear in the whole worksheet.

What are horizontal and vertical page breaks?

Horizontal page break. Select the row that is underneath the row where you want the page to break. Vertical page break. Select the column that is to the right of the column where you want the page to break.

How do you move the blue lines in Excel?

Choose View, Page Break Preview from your Excel menu. Your page breaks will appear as heavy blue lines on your worksheet. Place your mouse pointer over a page break line and drag. The page break will move to the location where it is dragged.

Why can’t I drag in Excel?

Click File > Options. In the Advanced category, under Editing options, select or clear the Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop check box. Note: To help prevent replacing existing data when you drag the fill handle, make sure that the Alert before overwriting cells check box is selected.

How do I find which cells are linked in Excel?

Find links used in formulasPress Ctrl+F to launch the Find and Replace dialog.Click Options.In the Find what box, enter . … In the Within box, click Workbook.In the Look in box, click Formulas.Click Find All.In the list box that is displayed, look in the Formula column for formulas that contain .More items…

How do you hide a worksheet?

Right-click a sheet tab, and then click Select All Sheets on the shortcut menu. On the Home tab, click Format > under Visibility > Hide & Unhide > Hide Sheet.

What is Page Break view?

Print Area A page break defines where one page ends and another one begins. You can see the range of cells that will be printed by selecting (View > Page Break Preview). This lets you see the print area clearly with all the page breaks identified.

What is the best practice for entering dates and times in Excel?

To type a date-time combination, simply use what we’ve already learned about typing dates, and typing times. Notice that Excel has converted the time to a 24 hour format when it’s used in conjunction with a date, by default.

How do I drag the print area in Excel?

Highlight the area of your spreadsheet that you want to print. Click the Page Layout tab. Click Print Area, and choose Set Print Area….Adjust the margins graphically:In the upper left, click the Office Button.Select Print, and then Print Preview.Check Show margins, and then drag the margins to the desired size.

How do I trace a formula in Excel?

Trace formulas that reference a particular cell (dependents)Select the cell for which you want to identify the dependent cells.To display a tracer arrow to each cell that is dependent on the active cell, on the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing group, click Trace Dependents .More items…

What does the solid blue line indicate in Page Break Preview mode Excel?

Blue dashed lines show automatic page breaks and solid blue lines indicate manual page breaks (i.e those set by the user). The best part of Page Break Preview is that you can easily adjust page breaks and instantly see how the changes affect the printing of your report.

Why does autofill not work in Excel?

In Excel desktop client, check if you have any custom add-ins installed which may be affecting this behavior, click File > Options > Add-Ins. At the bottom of the dialog box, change the Manage dropdown to COM add-ins, and select Go. Clear the checkbox for any enabled COM add-ins.