Punk declared fit, to face Ryback on January 7

It seems like CM Punk’s more than a year long reign will face a stiff challenge on the 7th January edition Of Raw when he will try and defend his title against the fearsome Ryback. Punk had been sitting pretty with a 407 days long title reign although recently he was out of contention due to a knee injury.

CM Punk was originally supposed to defend his title against Ryback in the last Tables Chairs Ladders pay per view but pulled himself out of contention at the last minute claiming that he had to undergo through a knee surgery. The claim of a surgery raised many an eye brows for the news of Punk’s injury was both sudden and abrupt.

However on the choice of champion’s night which was scheduled on 31st of December Punk again failed to compete, citing his knee injury as his inability. However, this time around Punk had brought with him his personal physician who confirmed Punk’s claims of a knee surgery. He had even managed to put up an x- ray of his knee for display at the giant screen.

Subsequently this had put to doubt the 7th January title defense of Punk. But Mr. McMahon had other plans. He wanted Punk to be diagnosed by the official physician of the WWE Dr. Michael Sampson and also mentioned that in case Punk was unable to compete, the title defense would still be on with a substitute wrestler namely Paul Heyman. However good news is that Heyman won’t have to face Ryback for Punk has been declared fit and he would be squaring off against Ryback in Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to defend his coveted Championship.

The stage is set for an electrifying match. However only time will tell whether CM Punk will extend his reign or will 7th of January see a new champion.

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