Maynard has revealed that he is slowly recovering from his injuries and will be ready to fight soon. The number one contender to the UFC lightweight title was set for the final fight in his trilogy with current champion Frankie Edgar until circumstance intervened and both fighters were injured. Sitting on the sidelines and watching UFC 130 pass him by was tough for Maynard, and the typically-reserved Maynard responded by becoming even more introverted.


Roy Nelson aired news about the upcoming Heavyweight Grand Prix. MMA Weekly brings us the scoop, and here are the highlights: ““What I don’t like about the Strikeforce Grand Prix was the left side of the bracket was pretty much all the tough guys, the other side’s not as strong as the other four… Sergei [Kharitonov] all you’ve got to do is put him on his back… Same thing with [Brett] Rogers, put him on his back… Same thing with [Alistair] Overeem… Barnett will probably win the whole thing on the right side… Whoever wins on the left is going to win the whole thing.”


Junior dos Santos will be facing former title holder Brock Lesnar on June 11. Junior dos Santos vs. former titleholder Brock Lesnar will take place June 11 in Vancouver at UFC 131, the promotion announced Thursday on its Ultimate Insider online program. The fight between opposing coaches on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter will decide the No. 1 contender for Velasquez.


Couture's son won his pro fight for the second time in the Strikeforce Challengers. Couture's father is still an active fighter at 48 years old. He's held both the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight titles. He was also an alternate on three U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling squads.


Herschel Walker has claimed that MMA is safer than football. "People shy away from it because they think it's a brutal, brutal sport, and I've said, 'Guys, MMA is safer than football and boxing,' " Walker said Monday during a conference call. "And people tell me they don't believe it. Am I not the most credible person to give you the answer to that? Because I played football."

Walker is scheduled to face Scott Carson on Saturday (10 p.m. ET, Showtime) for Strikeforce. It will be Walker's second MMA bout, nearly a year after his professional fighting debut.


Josh Barnett has sensationally claimed that Dana white is a hindrance to MMA. "Anything to be a detriment and it's not even just with me, it's got to do with anyone that isn't UFC, (Dana White) wants to cut it down. He wants to ruin it."

..."His end of it is entertainment. (But when) The actual root aspect of fighting is concerned, he's is a hindrance. He's unnecessary. You don't need any of that if you talk about fighting."


Torn rotator cuff have decided to shelve Velasquez for at least 6 months. A partially torn rotator cuff will keep Velasquez from competing for six to eight months, a spokeswoman for his main training camp, American Kickboxing Academy, told USA TODAY. The injury delays the first title defense for Velasquez.

No. 1 contender Junior dos Santos was supposed to face Velasquez sometime in the first few months of 2011, possibly at UFC's April 30 show in Toronto. Now dos Santos might end up waiting almost a year to fight again after earning the title shot with a win over Roy Nelson in August.


The mixed martial arts is coming to Glasgow in 2011 and people are already looking forward to it with excitement. Dana White, the UFC president, told reporters in Canada that Scotland would host an event, most likely one of the organisation’s smaller “Fight Night” shows, in May, with the venue expected to be the 4000 capacity Braehead Arena.

Paul McVeigh, the Glasgow-based bantamweight, is one of the top ranked fighters in Europe.


Machida is dislodged from top ten MMA pound-for-pound list for the first time. Machida faced an unfortunate split decision defeat at the UFC 123 on Nov. 20 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Mich as two judges decided in favor Jackson.

Unexpected result of the UFC 123 ended up in displacement of Machida from MMA’s top ten fighters list. In place of Machida, WEC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz has entered into the tenth spot. Cruz walked into the achievement thanks to his five-round spilt decision win in a rematch over Joseph Benavidez in August.

Sakara Out of UFC 122

Alessio Sakara was a fight day casualty today in Germany at UFC 122. An undisclosed illness (described as flu-like symptoms) forced the promotion to scrap the Sakara-Jorge Rivera fight, which was slated to be the co-main event.

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