Roy Nelson aired news about the upcoming Heavyweight Grand Prix. MMA Weekly brings us the scoop, and here are the highlights: ““What I don’t like about the Strikeforce Grand Prix was the left side of the bracket was pretty much all the tough guys, the other side’s not as strong as the other four… Sergei [Kharitonov] all you’ve got to do is put him on his back… Same thing with [Brett] Rogers, put him on his back… Same thing with [Alistair] Overeem… Barnett will probably win the whole thing on the right side… Whoever wins on the left is going to win the whole thing.”

Now before I even start (and you should know by now what happens when I begin with that little line, fans and friends), I’d just like to say that I’ve followed Roy Nelson since the IFL days and have remained a fan since then. My fandom took a bit of a hit a time or two, but right now I’m as big of a fan of Roy Nelson as I’ve ever been.

But… wow. Wow. Roy Nelson has some bizarre opinions.

Since he’s a grappler first and foremost (and yes, Roy Nelson is a grappler first and foremost) I understand why he thinks that the easiest route to victory over the strikers in Strikeforce’s tournament is to simply take them to the ground. But the days of this sport being that one-dimensional are far, far gone. I haven’t seen Sergei Kharitonov’s ground game, so I don’t know if that’s his Achilles Heel. If it is, though, I’ll concede that Nelson earns that point.

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