Maynard has revealed that he is slowly recovering from his injuries and will be ready to fight soon. The number one contender to the UFC lightweight title was set for the final fight in his trilogy with current champion Frankie Edgar until circumstance intervened and both fighters were injured. Sitting on the sidelines and watching UFC 130 pass him by was tough for Maynard, and the typically-reserved Maynard responded by becoming even more introverted.

“Not being able to fight was tough. I didn’t want to talk to media, didn’t want to anybody about it because I was upset. I just wanted to get through it. I turned my phone off and just shut everything and everybody out for a bit. Then your mind starts to clear up and you realize that injuries happen. It’s a combat sport. [Frankie] is injured too, and I’ve had a back issue in the past as well. It sucks because you can’t train right when that happens.

"On my side, training camp was decent but not great. I had a few injuries and there were other things that I had just been putting off for a long time because nothing was going to take my focus off getting that belt. Frankie is going to heal up and I’m in the process of doing the same, so I’m looking forward to getting in there with him again.”

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