Jones apologizes for Chael Sonnen steroid claims

Reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones has apologized for his comments about his opponent Chael Sonnen being a lifelong steroid user. Jones made an appearance on UFC Tonight this week and stated that he is not quite buying into the American’s hyping up the match by talking trash but maybe all that wasn’t too accurate.

Shortly after he made the comments about the trash talking not helping the match in any way, Jones went on to explain a recent comment that he made during another interview where he stated that the self proclaimed American Gangster doesn’t quite have the championship soul because of his lifelong steroid use. According to Jones, people know that Chael Sonnen is a fighter who has used steroids throughout his life. He then went on to state that probably that was the reason that his levels of testosterone were so low.

The Brazilian went on to state that he doesn’t believe the American has the heart or the soul it takes to be a champion and cited his record in the sport, where he hasn’t been able to win a single championship belt in over 25 fights. He mentioned that it isn’t the heart or even the attitude of a champion, and went on to add that a man who wants a title doesn’t use steroids throughout his life.

However, Jones backtracked on the comments he made on Chael Sonnen the very next day and used his official account on Twitter to apologize. He stated that he did not have any right whatsoever of accusing the American of being a lifelong user of the drug and added that he would like to extend his apologies to Sonnen.

Jones and Sonnen are set to face each other at UFC 159 later this month.

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