Flair Gets Emotional With His Daughter

Ric Flair is one of the names that RAW watchers would be familiar with.

His career has had its share of highs and lows. The latest that has come from is the Monday Night Raw that has been a humiliating takedown which was against his own daughter. He is known to have been in trouble, though his jet flying, dealing, wheeling and limo riding lifestyle is quite well known. It is known that Ric has overspent many times. He has even had to borrow money when he was unable to make the payments that his alimony demanded as decided in court cases.

It seems that these habits are catching up again. He will be attending an autograph signing session on July 23rd. The venue for the event is at Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. Cary Silkin was the owner of the Ring of Honor formerly before Sinclair bought off the company. Ric still owes a debt to him. Silkin is known to be associated with Cageside Seats. This show is known to be popular among fighting circles. ROH has launched a lawsuit against Flair, stating that Flair was supposed to make appearances for the televised airing, but he did not show up for the shows.

Flair on the other hand, stated that the WWE contract that he had at that time did not allow him to perform that role. He only made one appearance as was allowed to him as per his contract terms. Ric is nicknamed The Nature Boy. He still works with WWE. He might be leaving the role of being Charlotte’s valet. The women’s champion stated that Flair was not really a father to her as he had spent most of the time on the road. Whether acting out or real, it surely led to an emotional scene between daughter and father.

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