Couture's son won his pro fight for the second time in the Strikeforce Challengers. Couture's father is still an active fighter at 48 years old. He's held both the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight titles. He was also an alternate on three U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling squads.

The younger Couture was ahead on the scorecards heading to the latter part of the fight before he landed the finishing move. He dictated pace throughout in both the standup game and the ground. The 28-year-old was constantly on the move going from side-to-side, switching stances and mixing in lots of kicks. A conventional fighter, he was effective as a southpaw with both the outside kick to the front leg and some vicious body kicks with his left. But it was on the ground where Couture wore down Higgins.

Late in the first, he worked a standing guillotine choke and dragged Higgins to the mat. He transitioned to a tight d'arce choke. He had it locked on over the final 15 seconds of the round, but Higgins survived.

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