CM Punk retains his WWE Title

The WWE Survivor Series 2012 witnessed a highly entertaining triple-threat match between the champion CM Punk, Ryback and John Cena. Punk has been holding the WWE title for near about 365 days and this time again he defeated both Rybak and Cena to retain the title.

With Paul Heyman on his side, it always looked like that Punk would do something to retain the title and he did so with the help of three WWE NXT wrestlers. Earlier at WWE Hell In A Cell, Punk was almost beaten up by Ryback and it seemed that Ryback was going to be the next WWE Champion. But to everybody’s surprise, the referee of that match, Brad Maddox hit a low blow to Ryback when he was about to give his signature move. That helped Punk to regain his title.

After that match, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon appeared at the Monday Night Raw and declared that it would be a triple threat match in the Survivor Series where Punk would have been facing both Ryback and Cena. It looked like that the show would have its new champion. But, as said earlier, Paul Heyman has always been a decisive factor when he is beside the ring.

The match appeared to be a one man show as Ryback beat up both Cena and Punk. It was a matter of time for Ryback to hold the WWE Title. But just at that moment three wrestlers from WWE NXT appeared at the ring and beat Ryback up. They took Ryback out of the ring and threw him at the commentary table. This gave the chance to Punk for which he was looking for and he made no mistake to cover up cold Cena and pinned him out to retain his title.

Now it will be really interesting to see what happens at the next Monday Night Raw.

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