Cena talks about Wrestle Mania 29

Former World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE champion John Cena stated that he wasn’t quite sure up until three months ago whether he would be a part of Wrestle Mania, the company’s flagship event of the year.

Speaking to a local media outlet, the part time Hollywood star admitted that he was quite shaken by the turn his career took after last year’s Wrestle Mania 28. At the biggest pay per view event of the WWE last year, Cena lost his much hyped match to another Hollywood star cum WWE Superstar The Rock.

And that set off a chain of extremely unlikely events for Cena as he suffered several pay per view event losses. He was even embarrassed by the likes of Tensai as well as john Laurinaitis and was left bloodied, not once, but twice by former ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Being the face of the WWE, it was definitely not what was expected from him and he knows it himself. But at the beginning of the New Year, Cena seems to have turned a corner, winning the 30 man battle royal at the Royal Rumble in January, earning the right to take on The Rock for his WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania, which is scheduled for the 7th of April.

The last time these two Superstars met, there was no title on the line. But since then, The Rock has defeated CM Punk to become the WWE champion and the former 10 time champion Cena will get another crack at the title, having not held the title for almost a year and a half.

The John Cena versus The Rock showdown at Wrestle Mania is also in the running to become the most hyped match in the history of the event as well.

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